Test Point 2

Test Point 2


Emoji is the picture characters associated with cellular telephone usage in Japan. But now popular worldwide. The word emoji comes from the Japanese η΅΅ (e β‰… picture) + ζ–‡ε­— (Moji β‰… written character).

Emoji are icons of faces, weather, vehicles, buildings, food, drink, animals, and plants. These emotions represent feelings or activities. In cellular phone usage, many emoji characters are in colour image. Some are in animated form, usually as a repeating sequence of two to four images, for example, a pulsing red heart.


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Product Description

Emoji are pictographs (pictorial symbols) that are typically presented in a colorful form and used inline in text. They represent things such as faces, weather, vehicles and buildings, food and drink, animals and plants, or icons that represent emotions, feelings, or activities. To the computer they are simply another character, but people send each other billions of emoji everyday to express love, thanks, congratulations, or any number